What are Good Snacks for Kids?

healthy snacks for kids
snacks for kids

So, what are good snacks for kids? I came across this great article and wanted to share some of it with you. If you would like to read more, you can find the link at the bottom of this post. Snacking seems to be one of the biggest areas of concern for kids these days. It’s time we, as parents, make sure they are getting healthy snacks that they will love. That is hard!

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What Are Good Snacks for Kids?

In a magical alternative universe, you’d just set out an apple and a carrot and your job would be done. Unfortunately, here on planet earth, feeding kids is slightly more complex than feeding a horse.

While fruits and veggies should be major players in the snacking game, there are other nutrients to consider — produce isn’t a great source of Vitamin D — and balanced snacks tend to be more satisfying, which in turn helps with overeating. So while there’s nothing wrong with giving your kids a piece of fruit, giving them a combo of carbs, protein, and fats will really dial up the nutrition.

A few ways to upgrade the previously-mentioned Mr. Ed-inspired feeding strategy might be baby carrots with hummus or apple slices with cheese chunks. Other options include yogurt with strawberries, celery sticks with peanut butter, or (you probably saw this coming), there’s always Daily Sunshine, Beachbody’s new 3-in-1 smoothie that includes organic pea protein, ALA omega-3 fatty acids, and the equivalent to a full serving of fruits and veggies from dried and ground organic produce.

Not coincidentally, Daily Sunshine also contains three key DGA nutrients of concern — fiber, Vitamin D, and calcium — and it tastes really good. This matters for two reasons. First, kids like to consume yummy things. Second, adults like to consume yummy things too.

Leading by example has been shown to inspire kids to eat all the fruits and veggies they need.

That second point merits mention since “parental role modeling” — or leading by example — has also been shown to inspire kids to eat all the fruits and veggies they need. In other words, enjoy a Daily Sunshine with your kids in lieu of shaking them up a glass then popping yourself another Mountain Dew.

Snacking isn’t going out of fashion any time soon — and that’s a good thing. Instead of cringing every time your kids ask for something to eat during off hours or letting them graze on garbage day long, take the opportunity to dial in their eating and give them the opportunity to fill up on the nutrients they need.

*Source: Beachbody Blog

So.. Happy Healthy Mamas, let’s bring superb nutrition back to our homes!