Happy Healthy Baby Food

You should know that I’m a huge fan of making your own nutritious baby food, so this article is completely one-sided. I don’t want you to feel bad if you feed your baby store food, but rather show you how very easy it is to make your own. Plus, ensure that you know exactly what you’re putting into that precious little tummy!


Have you ever been friends with someone who had the biggest baby? He seemed like he was ALWAYS hungry! And most parents think that this means he is healthy. Not necessarily.

Baby food in the jars at the grocery store may not be the best thing.

First of all, it is so processed that it has no actual nutritional value, aside from the few vitamins they “fortify” it with. When you make your own, you know exactly the nutritional value.

Also, it’s just empty calories.

Then, the kicker! Our government actually has a percentage of rat poop that it allows in baby food due to manufacturers not being able to keep the rats out of their facilities. Research it. Not something you want to be feeding your baby.

So baby is just eating all these nutritionally defective “foods”, and getting fatter and fatter. He will stay hungry because he isn’t getting the nutrients his little body needs. Therefore, wouldn’t you feel better feeding your baby food that you know what’s in it and that it has nutritional value?

If you want to get your baby started on a clean eating lifestyle, just cook up some veggies (steaming them is best for nutrient retention), put them through the blender, and feed them!

Put a small pat of butter in with them for two reasons, one is for flavor and two for the extra fat babies need in their diets for brain development.

You can also do fruits this way as well, but without the butter.

Of course you will have leftovers. But this is a good thing. Just make a big pot of veggies, run them through the blender and scoop them into ice trays and freeze! Then, when it’s meal time, drop two or three cubes into a bowl and heat. So easy!

If your baby is trying a veggie or any other food for the first time and he/she makes funny faces, it’s NOT because they don’t like what they are eating. They are just experiencing a new flavor and texture. It’s strange to them. So, keep feeding! Kids will learn to love their veggies if that’s what you are feeding them.

It is also recommended to introduce only one new food at a time. Please be sure to consult your pediatrician for advice on feeding your baby.