Question: Is The IPhone XS Still Worth Buying?

Why was iPhone XS discontinued?

They discontinued the XS since it could affect the sales of the newer handhelds.

Additionally, the iPhone XS has a lot of specifications that are close to that of the iPhone 11, and 11 Pro.

This lack of truly evolutionary new features on the newer phone models would have also forced Apple to discontinue the XS..

Does Apple still sell iPhone XS?

Apple’s website no longer offers the iPhone XS or XS Max, both of which were introduced last year, and the iPhone 7 has apparently been discontinued. The older versions of the iPad and Apple Watch have been replaced as well.

Should I get iPhone 8 or XR?

The iPhone XR is the better option here in terms of design and specs, but the iPhone 8 is a better value option if you’re on a tight budget. Screen size is the big difference here as well as the move to Face ID instead of Touch ID.

Is iPhone XS still a good phone?

The iPhone XS is still a solid phone Compared to the iPhone X, the speakers on the iPhone XS are more powerful and ‘wider’ in sound, the camera has been enhanced with Smart HDR, the battery management is better and the chipset is far more powerful inside.

Which is better XR or XS?

The biggest difference between the XR and XS is the display. The iPhone XR comes with a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD panel, while the XS uses Super Retina OLED tech. … Colours on OLEDs are brighter and contrast is better. HDR content also looks superior thanks to the ability of OLED to display perfect blacks.

Should I get iPhone XS or 11?

iPhone 11’s 6.1-inch LCD screen is bigger, but not quite as sumptuous. … iPhone XS is a smaller phone with a better screen, but otherwise the two phones are comparable. For a direct upgrade from iPhone XS, Apple’s 2019 flagship iPhone 11 is your best bet.

Is the iPhone XS worth it in 2019?

Absolutely No it is not Worthing buying iPhone XS in 2019 it is a full waste of money and time even if you will buy you won’t get satisfied for the phone it has nothing it is complete old model of iPhone x last year and overall performance and features are not great as a normal flagship android phone so if you have …

How long will iPhone Xs be supported?

macrumors 6502 The XS series should be able to get another 4-5 years of iOS updates easily.

Why is iPhone 11 cheaper than Xs?

This year’s iPhone 11 still has the same screen resolution, and the pixel density is only 326PP. The iPhone XS uses the OLED screen. … The main reason for the the XS being more expensive than 11 is the screen as XS has the OLED display which is better than LCD in the 11.

Is iPhone XS still good in 2020?

In some ways, the iPhone XS is a better phone than the iPhone 11. It has a better display, for starters, and its camera abilities are still very impressive in 2020. The design is similar as well, although the iPhone XS is more portable and has a smaller display which, for me, is a big plus.

Should I get iPhone XS or XR?

The iPhone XS display is significantly better-looking than the iPhone XR. … The iPhone XS features a “Super Retina” OLED screen, while the iPhone XR features a “Liquid Crystal” LCD screen. OLED screens, in general, are brighter, show more accurate colors, and can achieve far better contrast than LCD screens.

Are there any problems with the iPhone XS?

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners are dealing with a variety of problems after moving to Apple’s iOS 13.6 update. iPhone XS users are complaining about connectivity issues, activation problems, Bluetooth issues, battery life issues, Wi-Fi issues, and more.

Why is iPhone Xs so expensive?

Tim Cook says the new iPhones are so expensive because they replace most other gadgets you’d need. Apple’s newest line of iPhones — the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max — cost as much as $1,449 for the most expensive model. Apple introduced a more affordable iPhone X model, the XR, starting at $749.

Is the iPhone XS worth it?

Six Months with the iPhone XS: It’s Absolutely Worth the Extra $250. Last year, Apple announced two new iPhone models; the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR. While the XS costs $250 more, it’s entirely worth spending that extra cash to get the XS instead of the XR.