Question: What Percentage Of People Pour Milk Before Cereal?

Do you pour milk first or cereal first?

It’s true: most people do pour their cereal before their milk.

You start with the solid and pour the liquid counterpart second, in the same way that you would pour dressing on top of a salad.

It just makes sense.

But others argue that when it comes to cereal, pouring milk first creates a better cereal-to-milk ratio..

Is cereal better with hot or cold milk?

Warm milk makes the majority of pour out of the box breakfast cereals soggy real fast. I tried it once with Rice Chex. I was sorry I heated the milk in less than sixty seconds. The cereal is formulated to be eaten with cold milk.

Do you drink the milk after cereal?

Don’t eat cereal/use so much milk if you’re just tossing the milk. It’s wasteful and just silly to skip out on the best part of the meal. I just had a bowl of chocolate-flavored cereal and I drank the cereal milk afterwards. It was pretty okay.

Can I eat cereal with cold milk?

Of Course you use cold milk! ‘ There are many types of Kellogg’s cereal, and one of the things you can do with most of them is eat them dry right out of the box. … But yes, you are meant to eat them with cold milk.

Can you eat cereal with water instead of milk?

The taste of milk conflicts with the taste of the cereal, whereas water does not. While still getting the same texture, water does not ruin the taste of cereal.

Is it weird to pour milk before cereal?

“You pour cereal before milk. This makes it hard to see how much milk you’re pouring, so you almost always end up with a pool of it at the bottom of the bowl. … “If you put milk in first your sh-t floats on top of it and the proportion of cereal to milk is ruined for the whole meal.”

How much milk is usually in a bowl of cereal?

Manufacturers take (what, for a growing lad, constitutes a laughably small) 30g of cereal and 125ml of semi-skimmed milk to be a “typical” serving. On that basis, a small bowl of Crunchy Nut would account for 17g, or just under one-fifth (18.8%) of a woman’s daily recommended sugar intake.

How do you pour cereal quietly?

to pour cereal more quietly, open your hand inside the bowl.

Is warm cereal good?

Hot cereal can be an excellent source of whole grains, fiber, vitamins and minerals. While oatmeal may be a traditional breakfast cereal, any type of grain can be cooked into a hearty, delicious, satisfying breakfast cereal. … Oatmeal: Oats have a naturally sweet flavor which makes them a breakfast favorite.

What does it mean if you put milk before cereal?

Pouring the cereal enables immediate subjection to sogginess. When milk is added to cereal — instead of cereal added to milk — the cereal is instantly on the clock. The milk begins to penetrate the cereal’s sturdy external body as you struggle to put the cap back on the milk carton.

Is it weird to like soggy cereal?

Depending on the type of cereal and how healthy the person’s teeth or gums are pretty much predict how soggy or crunchy they prefer their cereal. However, some people simply like the sweet milk the results from a few more minutes of the cereal drenched in milk.