Question: Why Did Mr Schuler Kill Himself?

Who was Mr Schuler?

Who is Peter Schuler.

Peter is the head of food division of Madrigal, which is the parent company to Gus’ Los Pollos Hermanos.

He works closely with Gus and Lydia and the episode JMM marked his return to the Breaking Bad universe..

Does Todd have a crush on Lydia?

At this point, Todd is infatuated with Lydia, but she does not reciprocate his feelings. Lydia, sick from the ricin, which leads to her demise.

How much money did Walter White leave his son?

So Walter Jr. walks away with nearly $7 million, which while more than enough to buy another Mustang and pay back Louis for all those rides to school, is not what it could have been if Walter had just let Gretchen and Elliot reach under their couch cushions and pay the tax themselves.

Why didn’t Jesse burn down Walt’s house?

Originally Answered: SPOILER ALERT: Breaking Bad, Season 5, Part 2, Episode 12, “Rabid Dog” (2013): Why did Jesse decide to go with Hank and not burn Walter’s house down? Because he wanted to punish Mr. White, he wants to destroy him. He probably realised then that burning his house wasn’t going to do any good.

What happened to Mike’s money in breaking bad?

The guy is arrested in the same episode, he rats Mike out and all of the money is confiscated by the DEA. Jesse tries to give his money to Kaylee later on in the season but he is stoped by Saul.

Does Lydia kill Mike?

Mike outmaneuvers the hitman, and nearly kills Lydia for her deception. At the last minute, he offers clemency on the condition that she supplies methylamine to Walt’s new meth operation.

Did Lydia die?

In the perfect act of revenge, Walt admits to Lydia that he dosed one of her Stevia packets with ricin, intimating that she poisoned herself when she self-administered the sweetener into her tea. It’s implied that she died, but it was never shown on-screen.

Why did Hank have to die?

Because, at the end of the day, Walter White has to reap what he has sewn. . . . Hank being killed is a direct result of Walt’s choices that he has made. … Dean Norris, who plays Hank, even says in the same video that he signed off on his character’s fate with just one request of the writing staff.

Is Mike still alive in El Camino?

Jonathan Banks has confirmed Mike Ehrmantraut will return for Breaking Bad movie El Camino. … Death isn’t an obstacle for an appearance in El Camino, however, with Banks confirming he will return as Mike in the movie which takes place after events in season five. Asked if he’s El Camino by ET Canada, Banks said: ‘Yes.

Why did Mike kill Chow?

According to the Breaking Bad Wiki, Mike Ehrmantraut tracks him down to the building and shoots him in the hand as a consequence for hesitating to inform Gustavo Fring that he was being held hostage by the Juárez Cartel. That doesn’t make much sense, though.

Who killed Chow Breaking Bad?

Mike EhrmantrautMurders Connected to Duane Chow 4 Cartel assassins: Shot by Mike Ehrmantraut to save him/with his assistance.

Why did Walter kill Lydia?

Long story short, Walt killed Lydia to protect Skyler and the kids. She was presumably the only Madrigal employee still working on the meth operation.

Who did Lalo Salamanca kill?

Fred WhalenWho was Fred Whalen? Fred Whalen is a character who Lalo Salamanca killed off-screen at the tail-end of season 4. He is brought up in JMM when Mike provides Jimmy with a photocopy of Fred’s driving license and again at court where Fred’s family are present.

Did Lydia die on walking dead?

She is captured by Jesus. She is put in a cell next to Carl’s. She tries to get information about the Hilltop community by talking to Carl, and later starts a sexual relationship with him. After the war against his group, Lydia goes to the ranks of Rick’s group and survives to the end of the story.

Does Los Pollos Hermanos exist?

Yes, Los Pollos Hermanos, the iconic company in Breaking Bad – and soon to be seen in spinoff Better Call Saul – is becoming a pop-up in LA and New York City. Gus Fring’s operation originally launched at SXSW earlier this month, and is currently showing off its delicious chicken in LA.

What happened to Los Pollos Hermanos After Gus died?

Gus eventually became the sole owner of the business and used his role to ramp up his meth distribution. … After Gus was killed, the DEA continued to investigate his empire. With nobody left to cover up Los Pollos Hermanos’ involvement in Gus’ side business, the fast-food chain presumably shut down.

Is Walt dead?

In a news report Jesse listens to, Walt is confirmed to be dead with the same report mentioning an investigation of a Houston woman poisoned by Walt – implied to be Lydia – who is in critical condition and not expected to survive.

Does Walt kill Mike?

The murder of Mike, the grandfatherly fixer who reluctantly helped Walt set up his nascent drug empire, is a study in contradictions. It’s Walt’s single nastiest, most vindictive, most pointless kill – he shoots Mike in the gut because the man pissed him off, pretty much.

How many people did Walter White kill?

Breaking Bad & El CaminoCharacterMurders committed byKill CountWalter WhiteEmilio Koyama Krazy-8 Rival Dealers Two of Gus’ henchmen Mike Ehrmantraut Lester Frankie Matt Kenny Two unnamed white supremacist gang members Jack Welker Lydia Rodarte-Quayle Himself2016 more rows

Why did Mike kill the German?

Even after Matty agreed to go along with the crime, they couldn’t trust him anymore, so they killed him to keep him quiet. Obviously I’ve been aware that Mike is a criminal now, but it really just adds an extra bit of sadness to that scene.

Why does he call himself Heisenberg?

Walter White first came up with the street name “Heisenberg” in his Season 1 meeting with Tuco. It’s a reference to German physicist Werner Heisenberg, famous for his “uncertainty principle” which states that the exact position and momentum of a particle cannot be simultaneously known.

Is Walter or Jesse in better call Saul?

Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are reaffirming their desire to play Walter White and Jesse Pinkman one last time in the upcoming sixth and final season of Better Call Saul. After running on AMC five seasons, Better Call Saul is set to come to a close at the end of its sixth season in 2021.

How did Walt know where Lydia would sit?

Near the end of Breaking Bad the sinister ex-chemistry teacher was lurking in wait of Lydia as she walked in for a cup of coffee, and had placed the Stevia sweetener at an empty table that she just so happened to have chosen to sit at.

Why does Hank always wear orange?

Hank wears an orange shirt when he rallies his staff at the DEA to help find Tuco Salamanca and later when he kills Tuco in the desert.