Question: Will Microsoft Teams Replace Outlook?

Is Outlook being discontinued?

Re: Is Outlook being discontinued at any point in the forseeable future.

No, Outlook is not going away anytime soon nor even not-so-soon.

Its still available in the longer term release channels, but is no longer available in the Insider Fast channel, nor is it available in Outlook 2019..

How do I stop emails from Microsoft teams?

If you don’t want any emails, just make sure all activity types are set otherwise. Use the dropdown menus to stop email notifications. Select Only show in feed. This means all notifications will be sent to your activity feed, which you can find at the top left corner of Teams.

Does Microsoft teams replace email?

MS Teams will no doubt replace email for many message amongst team members, just as Yammer replaced email for messages inside your organization. But MS Teams won’t “kill” email. There will definitely be cases, such as the one to many mentioned in the video, where email still is relevant.

Do you need Outlook for Microsoft teams?

No, they can be invited to your Teams meetings as the guest via using their valid email address.

How do I enable Microsoft teams in Outlook?

Enable the add-in in Outlook Click File and then Options. From the left pane, select the Add-in tab. Make sure the Microsoft Teams Meeting Add-in for Microsoft Office is listed in the Active Application Add-ins list. Click OK to save the changes.

Does Microsoft teams calendar sync with Outlook?

Thanks for your updates. As far as I know, Teams only integrates default calendar (Personal calendar) with Outlook, except which none of other calendars can be sync between them. In addition, there is no option to change the meetings in Teams to show as Months like Outlook.