Quick Answer: What Is The Best High School In Mississippi?

How many high schools are there in Mississippi?

530 high schoolsThere are 530 high schools in Mississippi, made up of 448 public schools and 82 private schools.

Mississippi ranks as the 33rd state in terms of student enrollment and 33rd in terms of total number of schools..

What is the number one school in Mississippi?

Madison Central High School In my deepest and honest opinion, Madison Central should be ranked as the number one school in the great state of Mississippi.

What is the rank of Mississippi?

Mississippi ranked 49th with an overall score of 32.40, finishing ahead of New Mexico at 50th and behind Louisiana at 48th. One highlight for the Magnolia State is that it ranked first in lowest child care costs after adjusting for median family income. Minnesota ranked as the best state to raise a family in.

What is the richest part of Mississippi?

MadisonThe richest town in Mississippi is Madison. Madison is in the Jackson metropolitan area.

What is the best high school in the US?

The 25 best public high schools in AmericaWalter Payton College Prep — Chicago, IL.Northside College Preparatory High School — Chicago, IL. … Adlai E. … Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology — Alexandria, VA. … Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy — Aurora, IL. … Whitney M. … Stuyvesant High School — New York, NY. … More items…•

What’s the worst state to live in?

Based on the 2018 survey, Louisiana was ranked as the worst state to live….The top 10 worst states based on this report were:Louisiana.Mississippi.New Mexico.West Virginia.Alabama.Arkansas.Alaska.Oklahoma.More items…

What is Mississippi best known for?

MississippiEntered the Union: Dec. 10, 1817 (20)Capital: JacksonState Waterfowl: Wood DuckState Song: “Go, Mississippi”National Forests: 3 • State Parks: 24Famous for: Mississippi River Boats, pre-Civil War mansions7 more rows

What is the largest school district in Mississippi?

DeSoto County School DistrictThe largest school district in Mississippi is DeSoto County School District, which served 32,759 students in the 2012-2013 academic year.

What is the best school district in Mississippi?

Top School Districts in Mississippi, 2018State RankSchool DistrictState1Madison County School DistrictMississippi2Clinton Public School DistrictMississippi3Pontotoc City SchoolsMississippi4Enterprise School DistrictMississippi96 more rows•Apr 16, 2018

What are the top 10 high schools in Chicago?

Top Chicago High SchoolsGraduation rate1Northside College Preparatory High School (S)962Noble–Pritzker College Preparatory High School (C)933Walter Payton College Preparatory High School (S)964Whitney M. Young Magnet High School (S)9536 more rows•Sep 3, 2019

Where does Mississippi rank in education?

Education RankingsRankStateHigher Education46Mississippi Mississippi3347Alaska Alaska3648Louisiana Louisiana4949New Mexico New Mexico2948 more rows

Why is Mississippi the unhealthiest state?

Despite being a leader in telehealth and, historically, childhood vaccinations, Mississippi’s high rate of childhood poverty, obesity and cigarette smoking contributes to it being the unhealthiest state in the country, according to the 2017 America’s Health Rankings report.

What are the top 5 high schools in Chicago?

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. Public School. … Walter Payton College Prep. Chicago Public Schools, IL. … Northside College Preparatory High School. Chicago Public Schools, IL. … Adlai E. Stevenson High School. … Whitney M. … Hinsdale Central High School. … Jones College Prep High School. … Glenbrook South High School.More items…

What is the #1 school in America?

Featured Online ProgramsRankSchoolCost1Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCost: $$$$$2Stanford UniversityCost: $$$$$3Yale UniversityCost: $$$$$4University of PennsylvaniaCost: $$$$$21 more rows•Oct 26, 2018

What is the biggest high school in America?

Penn Foster High SchoolPenn Foster High School is the largest high school in the United States by number of students. It is also one of the oldest high schools in America, with a long history of specialized education aimed at helping students choose and prepare for a promising career path.

What is the biggest high school in Mississippi?

Largest Mississippi Public Schools (2020)School # Students Grades Location.Rank: #1. Grenada Elementary School. Students: 2,017. … Rank: #2. Tupelo High School. Students: 2,012. … Rank: #3. Southaven High School. Students: 1,915. … Rank: #4. Ocean Springs High School. … Rank: #5. Desoto Central High School. … Rank: #6. Oak Grove High School. … Rank: #7. Biloxi High School.More items…

What is Mississippi the worst at?

Mississippi’s worst scores were for the healthcare (50), economy (48), education (46) and infrastructure (45) categories. The state’s highest score was for its natural environment, for which it placed 11th best.

Is Mississippi a poor state?

Even though they are already the hungriest state in the country, Mississippi is also considered the poorest of all states. 50 out of 82 counties in Mississippi are considered to be living in extreme poverty, which means they have a poverty rate of 20% or more which they have maintained for over 30 years.